Diosmin is a kind of chemical found in plants mainly of citrus origin. The main application of Diosmin is in the field of medicine where it is used in making medicinal substances. The Diosmin has a wide range of application in the use of medicine as it can be used in the treatment of different kind of disorders relating to blood vessels. The disorders include hemorrhoids, varicose veins, poor blood circulation in the legs and bleeding gums and eyes. Also, the Diosmin can be used in the treatment of inflammation of the arms commonly associated with patients being treated for breast cancer during surgery and it also assists in protecting the liver against toxicity. It is compulsorily advised to take Diosmin with hesperidin, which is another chemical derived from a plant. The Diosmin is a breakthrough in medicine for some and for some others it is just a natural phenomenon. This has often been a debated topic and it relies on people's opinion of the drug. In Europe where it is widely used; for the many who have used it can attribute to the fact that the Diosmin is a natural remedy for problems associated with blood circulation in the legs.

Research has proven that our legs have a vital way of affecting our social, mental and daily attitudes if it has any problem. An instance is if one takes a morning jog every day and then one day wakes up to having some serious pains in his/her legs, the person may be incapable of going on the morning jog as normally used to. Also, if one was to be a model and had to show her legs as a means of modeling exercise, then with time she develops varicose veins which spoil the normal beautiful appearance of her looks, she might decide to quit modeling or compromise on her marks. This as well could affect performance and perception. The varicose vein similarly has proven to be one of the most reasons some people use Diosmin today, this is more common with women. Varicose veins are those veins which appear on the hands and legs but mostly on the legs of women who are getting old, adding weight, showing pregnancy, experiencing menopause or who have stressed their legs one way or the other through chronic activities. Like standing for too long and crossing your legs habitually.


In the past and still currently, affected patients have tried the normal remedy for treating varicose vein which involves surgical stripping of the varicose veins, injecting the veins with chemical irritants or deleting them with lasers. It is a known fact that while these methods do prove to be effective in actually removing these varicose veins, it does not hinder new ones from growing.

Given the fact that these methods which employ a high use of technology do little assistance in treating the problem of the leg associated with poor circulation, it is necessary to engage in the use of Diosmin for solving such leg problems. Another side effect experienced with these high range technology is the fact that it causes infection, blemishing, nerve damage and excruciating pain. Modern chemical researchers have proven that in other to avoid such situations, it is better to use Diosmin for therapy.

The varicose veins do not just develop on its own but, it is caused by a series of circulation of the blood in the body system. In order to understand how these veins are formed, it is necessary to understand the blood flow in the body, that causes the formation of these veins. Consequently, there are two kinds of main blood cardiovascular vessels in the body and they are the arteries and veins. The arteries are those vessels which take blood away from the heart to all other parts of the body and the vein are those vessels which return the blood taken back to the heart.


The veins located in the leg region can be said to be the most tasked of all veins as it functions the hardest to relocate the blood taken away by the artery back to the heart. Thus the leg veins are equipped with complicated one-way valves that keep the blood aiming towards the heart region. In addition to its task, the legs are still faced with the task of combating the normal tug of gravity.

Now, if the leg veins do not function as required, that is by experiencing the problem of either having imperceptible flow of blood back to the heart or having the problem with the one way valves, blood collected in the legs leads to the formation of an injury in the vein tissue caused by swelling, which later leads to a visible varicose problem. The vein problems are classified into two types which are spider veins and varicose vein. The spider veins are those small veins that appear on the legs. Spider veins are caused by broken capillaries and invisibility may appear somewhat blue, rugged red, or sometimes even purple.


SWhile these veins are not painful, it is somewhat depressing especially for ladies who wish to appear attractive. The varicose veins, on the other hand, are caused by enlargement of the legs and depending on the severity of the enlargement, it could be somewhat a painful experience for the victims.

They appear as thick veins on the legs that go deep beneath the seen skin. These veins are less attractive than spider veins and it can cause itching, heavy tiredness of the legs, restlessness, throbbing, burning and cramping.

Despite the severity of how it may seem like, the varicose vein problem is not malignant but, on serious cases, it could lead to chronic intravenous inadequacy; which is a continuous incapacity of the veins located in the leg region to actually return blood to the heart.

Another well-known chronic problem of the varicose veins is the development of skin ulcers, which is known scientifically as Phlebitis. The actual cause of phlebitis is when there is a blood clot in the leg, which if not controlled could proceed to the lungs of the victim.